Worldwide tax rates

I recently stumbled upon a website showing most taxes in various countries:


I immediately decided to rank them by best and worst case taxation. I processed the data in a spreadsheet.
I estimated the taxation of fixed amounts (like DKK 900) as percentage of the Numbeo salary.

You can see the raw data here, and how much you're left with below, in the overall economic process. Of course, there can be errors, but these data are much more realistic than other so-called indicators.
As you can see, hiring more lawyers in certain countries gives you an advantage, as the best case scenario can ensure you keep more than 88% of your money.
There are countries with vast differences between the worst and best cases, like Gibraltar, Morocco, Sweden, and the Netherlands. I think this is wrong, since it encourages greater separation between those who can afford an accountant/tax specialist and those who can't, and are signs of intervening in the economy.
Also, in France, you only get to keep between 19% and 30% of the money you earn.