The cost of a sandwich, 2018 updated edition

You may have seen my post about the cost of a sandwich. Well, I have an update.

I checked the prices for almost the same products once again. They are almost the same, almost 5 years later: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IFaBWa3DPckQ5zgHY2bM6GToqLt5VR0X5Q_Uw0-bsjw/edit#gid=656048576

Sadly the cost of electricity wasn't anything near what Electrica says on their site. It is not at all ~2 bani per kWh as I said in the original post, it's more like 56, according to my all-taxes-included last bill.

However, I am impressed; I didn't expect the RON to hold its value so accurately. Apparently the Romanian Central Bank does a pretty good job: we've had 2.29% year over year inflation on average, considering their target is 2.5(+/-1)%. Including housing puts us on the other side of the target (about 2.8%). Of course, this is not negligible; this translates to ~14.8% over 5 years. So, invest, and don't hold too much cash - that is the central bank's message.

Here's the same picture again, because I don't have a better one. I no longer buy those products myself after discovering NutritionFacts. Watch out for Advanced Glycation Endproducts, and other tasty and evil substances you may create by baking/frying too hard.

Delicious-looking, but evil!

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