Let me tell you what this blog will be about.
I'm a CS student, and from time to time I have too much time (aka I get bored of doing what I'm supposed to be doing). That's when I look at stuff on the Internet - the great series of tubes linking people together - and see stuff that I enjoy thinking about.
An autoencoder is a neural network that can encode its own input in a very efficient manner and reconstruct it very precisely. Sparse autoencoders are awesome because their codes are very good at classification (and you can easily pick other categories to classify while only retraining the last layer). I'm a fanboy of Andrew Ng (and took his ML class and thought it was awesome).
The motto of the blog - "Listen to the sound of the machine" - is a quote from Elephants Dream, the first Open Movie - I'm also a fan of open source and consider the movie a great achievement.
I intend to post about once a week, though real life has priority.

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