On dolphins

There's lots of evidence that dolphins are conscious. They have bigger brains than us. This is an unfortunate occurrence - the species with the biggest brains on the planet have very limited means of physically manipulating their environment, significantly limiting this planet's innovation output.

So, I wrote a blog post expressing my respect and solidarity. Maybe some day a dolphin will read it and tell the other dolphins that humanity didn't mean any harm, contrary to the pollution and other trouble it's brought on them. Especially Japan. Those bastards.

On the other hand, maybe mankind will cooperate with dolphinkind one day. There already exist machines that can facilitate dolphin-computer interaction via sound. Maybe using more advanced AI techniques (such as an autoencoder :D ), a computer could find a mapping between dolphin words (if there are any) and human words. But dolphin language could, as far as we know, be just as complicated as human languages, and we've had a great deal of trouble modeling even that, even given all our knowledge of English phonemes and words and grammars. Dolphinese is a whole new language, alien to us.

Hopefully, however, in the future, our machines will allow us to talk to dolphins, and tell them our ideas and problems, and allow them to express theirs, which will increase the number of intelligent beings having a say on how the Universe works. Or maybe they'll just tell you they kinda like you.

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