Cluj map of time to Piața Unirii

I'm given the task of buying an apartment in Cluj-Napoca. My parents want to buy me one, and I greatly appreciate this, so I want to make an informed decision.

I want it to be close to the city center. However, the ones that are close are either too expensive, or in disrepair. I don't own a car, nor do I intend to in the near future, and I want to commute by bus (or perhaps by bike).

Thankfully, Google introduced public transit directions in Cluj-Napoca recently, and it's been indispensable to all freshmen who came to study in the student city.

I used it too, more exactly, its API, and you can see how in this post, full of juicy technical details.

Here's the map I obtained:

I noticed that one can get to Mănăștur faster than I thought. I was probably more familiar with the east side of the city, and that's why it seemed to take longer. But I suppose it having a lot of bus stations and few intersections to be the reason why it's quick to get downtown.

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