Freelancing; TopTal application

I have recently applied to TopTal.

It is a milestone in my personal development, as I want to transition from a typical 9-to-5 job to a more independent freelancing lifestyle.
While it is certainly riskier – a freelancer may go from time to time without stable income – I am capable of managing that risk, and I can’t wait to get the benefits that outweigh that risk for me: more freedom.

The types of freedom that TopTal offers:
  • Economic freedom, because I will be rewarded according to my skills, and not based on arbitrary fluctuations of the national economy
  • Freedom of time – I will no longer spend time on a commute, and I will be able to work at the times of day I am most effective
  • Freedom of space – I do not need to physically locate myself to an expensive office, in order to be able to work

What I have to offer in exchange:
  • An on-demand work model; your organization can assign me to projects as needed; there is no requirement to commit to an employment contract
  • A variety of proven skills to offer – from web development in Python or Ruby to testing to data processing and analysis in Pandas. I believe such variety is required of a freelancer, who should be able to take various roles for different clients.
  • Great communication skills. I have a C2-level proficiency in English, I enjoy both listening and expressing myself, and I respect other people.

I appreciate that TopTal has a vetting procedure. This way, I can prove myself, and my potential clients can trust that I have the skills required. I am looking forward to the examination.

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  1. It's interesting to read about your application. Thanks. I like your blog.

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