Later edit: while what I say in this blog post is still true, I have since discovered a better way to maintain order in society - pure anarcho-capitalism (or libertarianism).

This is because corporations can certainly become big, and they are much more motivated to do the job and not become corrupt because of competition - a competitor may expose them and do the job better.

You even have the freedom NOT to buy their services, so even a monopoly would have to work harder. States, however, are monopolies that force you to pay. Not cool.

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A while ago, I stumbled upon the idea of anarchy - nobody recognizes any authority, everybody is free in the broadest definition of free, no taxes are paid, there are no wars, and societies are built on trust.

It is a system in which only your own conscience can stop you from doing whatever you like. Be it building a house, sport, learning - nobody has the authority to stop you, or slow you down. Nobody to censor your input, or your output, no discrimination. No interference in the way you live.

However, there are some things that your friends can't do. Your friends likely can't stop a murderer. Your friends can't make sure everyone knows how to drive before getting behind the wheel. Or how to use a gun before owning one. Both of these have implications for surrounding people as well - accidents happen.

Would you trust your friends with your life, at midnight, when some unpredictable event happens to strike? Bringing you justice when you've been wronged? Establishing what is wrong and what isn't? Well, even if you would trust them, few of them can help. Only a big and well-organized entity could provide such services, and the people to run them in a timely fashion.

When the State started giving me a scholarship - free money for intending to help society, no strings attached! - I changed my mind for good. I value its intentions. The State does what it thinks is good for its individuals, as well as for the group. It consults scientists, tells the people, listens to the people, and takes action. At least, ideally. No state is perfect, but they try!

To all public servants who are not corrupt, a big thank you!


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