Global warming and society

So, there's this figure from "Estimating global impacts from climate change", a meta-study by S. Hitz and J. Smith:

It shows how the mean temperature affects the world economy.
While the studies may disagree on the actual damages done, they seem to have a consensus on about +0.5 degrees extra being the optimum to support human activity (such as agriculture and industry), while reducing the damages caused to it (such as rising sea levels, .

The current temperature anomaly is +0.64 ± 0.11. Which means we're on the right side of the sweet spot right now. However, the temperature is rising, which means the benefits are decreasing.

The world economy, based on capitalism, should spontaneously adapt and perform corrections as needed. This could be done using contracts between persons, which are enforced by the government.

However, it is difficult to create a contract between everybody on the planet. So, in order to prevent unnecessary damage while capitalism struggles with it, governments should help. Governments have the power to create contracts with the people and corporations (through the law), as well with other governments (treaties). The Climate Change Conference of Parties is happening as of writing this article, and is an example of the negotiation I'm excited about.

 But it takes time for governments to react, as well. The only way to speed it up is through activism, fighting ignorance, and raising awareness. And that's what this article does.


  1. http://www.scientificamerican.com/blog/post.cfm?id=is-combating-climate-change-worth-t-2009-01-14
    I'm not sure fighting global warming is the best way to "invest" our money.

  2. We gives a d*mn about money when we need a planet to live on.

  3. We could colonize other planets any time :D

  4. In all seriousness, though, we need to sacrifice money to the Gods of Climate. Otherwise, they take revenge:


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