Free markets - good for the environment

So, I recently became an anarcho-capitalist. Yes, there are things you might not expect possible in a fully private system, such as education, health care, retirementpolice, arbitration/justice, but they are very possible (if not even better) and already exist to some extent (to resolve the needs not met by public institutions).

In order to try to invalidate this crazy and ridiculous belief, I wanted to verify my expectation that capitalism tends to go nuts about resources - polluting like crazy.

I created a plot of the Economic Freedom Index (how free the capitalism is in a country) and the Environmental Performance Index (how well a country takes care of the environment). I totally expected a clear, definite inverse correlation. However, what I got blew my mind.

So, this is actually a weak positive correlation (see the data here). I find this very intriguing and unexpected. And my belief that no government at all is the best government is reinforced. Please prove me wrong.

Edit 23 Dec 2013: I found a video of an AWESOME guy who offers a great solution for protecting the environment without a government.

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