Hacking Lenovo SK-8821

I recently found an old Lenovo keyboard, called SK-8821, which came with a laptop. It felt better to the touch than a Genius KB-M200 which I was using, whose keys I found too hard to press.

Both of those keyboards have an awkward "compact" Home/End/Page Up/Page Down block, but I can get used to it.

What I can't get used to, however, is that Lenovo replaces the F1-F12 keys, by default, with random multimedia keys. So, in order to press F5, you'd have to hold the "Fn" button which is placed above Backspace, and press the key where F5 usually sits.

I am a programmer, however, and I need the F1-F12 keys by default.

There were some software options, and even a Windows "driver" from the manufacturer which lets you toggle the Fn switch, but none were attractive.

I found a better answer after some more searching, however:



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